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The MWO’s mission is to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth's weather and climate, by maintaining its mountaintop weather station, conducting research and educational programs and interpreting the heritage of the Mount Washington region.

Mount Washington Observatory’s mountaintop weather station is the core of the institution. Staffed continuously since the organization’s founding, it is operated by two alternating crews who live on the summit for a week at a time, taking hourly weather observations, performing research, and conducting educational programs.

Weather observations are reported to the National Weather Service for use in nationwide forecasting models and regional reports, and Observatory scientists produce specialized forecasts for the higher summits of the White Mountains and greater White Mountains region.

With detailed climate data dating back to the organization’s founding, Mount Washington Observatory maintains what is now one of North America’s longest continuous climate records.


Founded in 2001, Seek the Peak is New England’s premier hiking event.

Seek the Peak is a classic participant-driven fundraising event. Once hikers register for Seek the Peak, they are encouraged to solicit donations from family and friends in support of their efforts. On Seek the Peak Saturday, they hit the trail with the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington as the destination. All proceeds benefit the Mount Washington Observatory.


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