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Founded in 2001, Seek the Peak is the largest annual fundraiser for the nonprofit Mount Washington Observatory. Seek the Peak draws over 500 hikers and their families annually to the White Mountains from across the eastern seaboard and beyond.
Seek the Peak earns national media attention, reaching hundreds of thousands of people through newspaper, radio, magazine and online coverage.


6,288-foot Mount Washington is the pinnacle of the New England hiking scene, boasting world-class alpine trekking and stunning views.

While many participants in Seek the Peak will opt for the challenge of climbing Mount Washington, others will have different goals – perhaps realizing that the highest mountain in the Northeast is not for them just yet, or preferring to explore other trails and viewpoints in the area. We encourage you to Seek YOUR Peak!

Ultimately the weekend is an incredible gathering of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who have come together to Seek their Peaks in support of Mount Washington Observatory.


Seek the Peak is a classic participant-driven fundraising event, attracting individuals who are active in outdoor activities and excited to learn more about outdoor gear and products. Hikers register in advance, then solicit donations from friends and family using a personal fundraising page on SeekthePeak.org.

The night before the hike, participants travel to North Conway for registration and a kick-off party. Then, on Seek the Peak Saturday, they depart for the summit of Mount Washington (or an alternative summit) via the trail of their choice, and enjoy a complimentary tour of the Observatory’s famous weather station when they reach the top. After the hike, they are rewarded with a huge after party, featuring an outdoor expo, an all-you-can-eat feast, and a prize ceremony unlike any other.

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