Your Seek the Peak Guide
Print this guide to keep all things Seek the Peak at your fingertips.  Share with friends and use as a resource when requesting donations to support your fundraising efforts.


Fundraising Help
Make posters:
 Download this poster, fill in your name, and hang it at your work, school, church, or anywhere else you frequent.
Be a hometown superstar: Send an announcement to your local newspaper about your participation in Seek the Peak and drum up some local contributions. Here is a sample press release that you can use to get things started.

2016-07-07 Marty STP

Area Lodging
Please consider staying with one of our lodging partners.  Call us with any questions regarding lodging options and their proximity to the weekend events.


Alternative Hikes & Hiker Safety
While many participants in Seek the Peak will rise to the challenge of climbing Mount Washington, others will choose other goals. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for other places to hike – all with trailheads within a short distance of the Seek the Peak After Party:

Mount Washington is a real mountain, with real, inherent risks. Visit Hike Safe to learn how to properly prepare for an enjoyable experience on the northeast's tallest peak!

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